Technology & Your Kids

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Mimicking Mommy

You could never convince me that these boys developed their expressive style by themselves.  No, they have been watching someone.  And it appears they find her quite amusing because they really enjoy mimicking her!  I kind of think the baby on the right is mom and the baby on the left is dad.  Although the baby on the left talks more so I could be wrong…What do you think?

What have your kids picked up from you?

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Sexualizing 7 Year Old’s – Ugh!

They are at it again!  Abercrombie & Fitch have a new kind of bikini for 7 – 14 year old girls and it’s padded and push-up.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.   I am tired of this company.  They have been doing this for years.  A & F has had so many opportunities to change their sexualizing ways but have refused (see Today Show video below).  In fact, it seems like they almost enjoy the sensationalized attention they receive.

As a mom I will not allow my children to shop there and if you didn’t either, we probably wouldn’t have to put up with this company in a few years.  Make it your mombligation! Refuse to purchase their products in the hopes that they will cease to exist.

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Children before Marriage? Think Twice!

I thought this was a very interesting article from CNN and I would love to further question the constituents polled by Pew.  I wonder why so many Millennials value raising children above marriage?  Is it because they are discouraged about marriage?  Have they experienced more relationship heartache than previous generations?  Or are they just following a popular trend?  It seems dangerously out of order.

I have a theory that there are several “markers of maturity.”  This first marker is getting a job and taking care of yourself.  The second is marriage and learning to selflessly care about someone other than yourself.  The third marker is the hardest–raising children. It is challenging because it is very sacrificial.  As a parent you should care more about your child than yourself.  Of course, with each marker you pass you become a better, wiser, and hopefully, less selfish person.  

When I see shows like the Secret Life of Teenagers about teens having children it concerns me.  The teenagers are skipping maturity marker one and two.  And when I read about celebrities who have children outside of marriage, they must have made it through marker one, but what happened to number two?

I love being a mom, but it is not easy, and I have a husband!  I know without a doubt that if I had skipped a maturity marker or two my children would have suffered.  I wouldn’t have been prepared.  Having a child is really not about you – it’s about the child.  So what would I tell a Millennial contemplating parenthood without a spouse? I would say – think twice.

What say you, Millennials?

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My Sister Is So Darn Smart

My sister started teaching full time this year which has really but a damper on our talk time.  I used to be able to call her on my way to work.  Now we can only talk after work and the kids definitely get in the way of that.

So this week I was reduced to a Sunday call and she answered from her car speaker phone.  What followed was not what I had desired (a family recap with her alone) but a conversation with “the car” full of charged up kids on an expedition.  It seems they were en route to park #5.  It was invite a friend and go park hopping day and she didn’t mean Disney Park hopping.  Nope this was a high energy, blood pumping, family fitness expedition with the final destination being a hot dog roast at Park #6.

It was fun, it was free and why didn’t I think of it?  She is so smart my sister!

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My Up Hill Battle With a Down Hill Payoff

Two weeks from today.  That’s all I have left.  For 30 days now I have been in an up hill battle to get in shape for the opportunity to take my son skiing.  The battle really began on February 3 when I had heart surgery – an ablation – to fix an electrical impulse in my heart that sends it to 220 whenever it feels like it.  It was my second ablation and one of a dozen heart surgeries (I have a pacemaker).  Without it no skiing.

The ablation was actually the easy part when I compare it to the daily grind of pushing myself after a year of no exercise.  I really don’t like exercising especially when I am under pressure.  It’s just scary when your heart is so unpredictable.

But I love my son and he asked me to take him.  So two weeks is all I have.

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More on That Big Vision…

So many kids and people take what they have for granted – health, talent, opportunities.  And because they don’t see what they have they don’t challenge themselves to dream that big dream, formulate a vision for their lives that is intimidating to them but not impossible (see my favorite quote on 3/1/11).  Watch this and dream big, show it to your child and tell them to dream big.

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How Big is Your Vision?

My favorite quote this week – heard it at a convention.

“If your vision for your life is not intimidating to you,

then there is a good chance it is insulting to God.”

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Baby 1 Turned 21!

And it was soooooo much fun!  All of a sudden these girls are grown up – beautiful, smart, witty – and a blast to be with.  I love my Meggie and I have loved every minute of the sweet privilege of 21 years of being her mom!

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Marital Commitment is a Synergistic Multiplier.

Like those big words?  It is my fancy answer to this question I was asked: How does commitment play into relationship success?

My theory is that commitment is a synergistic multiplier.   Committed couples have twice the energy, twice the creativity, and twice the intelligence. They feed off of each other, enable each other and encourage each other.  They give each other the boldness to do and go where they probably wouldn’t go alone.  They stand behind each other and contradict enemy whispers of doubt when one gets discouraged.

This synergy occurs if there is trust in the relationship.  Trust is born when the ‘what if…’ is taken out of the equation.  It is available to every couple.  It simply requires that you absolutely refuse to accept anything but the fact that we are committed forever.  This is not about you or me this is about us. We will do it together.

With trust all things become possible and the synergistic multiplier begins.  You become a team, the team has synergy and the synergy brings success to whatever you two dream about becoming.

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